Конференції Міжнародного інститута холоду(МІХ) на 2016 рік


The 4th IIR Conference on Sustainability and the Cold Chain
Auckland (New Zealand) 7-9 April 2016

The fourth in this highly successful IIR conference series, ICCC2016 will spotlight cold chain refrigeration equipment; monitoring, evaluating and responding to conditions; and developments in sustainability. It will welcome an international audience of researchers and industrialists, bringing together all cold chain stakeholders.

Main topics covered will be food, pharmaceuticals and other applications to explore the latest developments and key technology trends.

Early bird registration available until 14 February 2016.


LNG18 (Liquefied Natural Gas)

Perth (Australia) 11-15 April 2016

The LNG conference, a pre-eminent world event in the LNG industry, showcases the continued growth and development of the LNG industry worldwide.

Furthermore, projects already under construction will boost Australian capacity to 86 million tonnes before the end of the decade and are likely to make Australia the world's largest LNG producer.

With its growing production, Australia is increasingly important as an LNG supplier, particularly in the Asia Pacific region, making it the ideal location for this year’s event.

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11th Phase-Change Materials & Slurries for Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

Karlsruhe (Germany) 18-20 May 2016

PCM 2016 will bring together scientists, researchers and people from industry working with phase change materials and slurries in order to discuss the latest developments in this field.

As a platform for dynamic exchanges, the Scientific and Technical Program will focus on:

  • Thermophysical properties of Phase Change Materials (PCMs) and Slurries
  • Transport phenomena of PCMs and Slurries: mass, momentum and heat transfer
  • Time-dependent behaviour of PCMs and Slurries
  • Direct contact heat exchange

Early bird registration open until 31 March 2016.


1st International IIR Conference of Cryogenics and Refrigeration Technology

Bucharest (Romania) 22-25 June 2016

ICCRT 2016 in Bucharest aims to be a place where students, academics and researchers have the opportunity to meet and discuss important technical issues in the cryogenics and refrigeration areas, for the benefit of all attendees.

A newcomer, ICCRT is complementary to the biennial IIR Cryogenics series which alternates between Prague and Dresden. It offers attendees the possibility to share research ideas and exchange knowledge and practices based on the participants’ experience in Cryogenic and Refrigeration technologies, and the applicability of these topics within several industrial sectors, such as:

  • air separation units
  • helium recovery and liquefaction plants
  • industrial heat transfer processes.

Early bird registration open until 15 March 2016.


12th IIR-Gustav Lorentzen Conference on Natural Refrigerants

Edinburgh (Scotland) 21-24 August 2016

GL2016 will attract an international audience of researchers and industrialists and will address critical issues for our future because of the phase down of HFCs. Researchers, innovators, early adopters, experienced practitioners and those facing new challenges will share knowledge and recent advances.

This major conference, oganised by the Institute of Refrigeration (IoR), will take place at the Edinburgh Conference Centre at Heriot-Watt University.

Early bird registration available until 19 May 2016.


7th International Conference on Magnetic Refrigeration at Room Temperature (Thermag VII)

Turin (Italy) 11-14 September 2016

The International Conference on Magnetic Refrigeration at Room Temperature is the ideal environment for the presentation of the latest developments in the field of magnetocaloric materials and cooling techniques.

The conference will offer an exciting technical program, with invited and contributed oral presentations as well as a number of poster sessions.

Abstract submission begins 01 February 2016